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Trent ISD | Trent, TX

Posted Date 6/14/2019

SALARY:                               DEPENDING ON EXPERIENCE



  • Accounting or Business Degree preferred.
  • Preferred Federal Grants/Governmental Accounting.
  • Preferred experience in HR
  • Experience using technology, i.e. spreadsheet, word processing, networking, electronic storage system, time clock system.





Fiscal Management


  • Develop and prepare annual budgets.
  • Continuously monitor and make budget recommendations for board approval.
  • Code and record financial transactions.
  • Maintain sufficient cash on hand and prepare cash reimbursement.
  • Prepare, reconcile, and submit monthly expenditure reports.
  • Prepare and present monthly financial reports for School Board on a monthly, semi-monthly, or as needed basis.
  • Ensure that all costs incurred are allowable, necessary and reasonable.
  • Continuously monitor accounting procedures and make adjustments as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency.



Communication Skills


  • Communicate effectively to staff members.
  • Demonstrates cooperation, consideration, and courtesy to staff.
  • Maintains job related confidentiality.
  • Utilizes good judgment in making decisions appropriate for Business Office



School Environment


  • Follows established policies and administrative procedures.
  • Exhibits flexibility in adjusting to change.
  • Demonstrates proper and efficient use of Center materials and equipment.


Personal and Professional Image


  • Maintains an organized work area.
  • Presents a professional appearance appropriate for the work situation.
  • Maintains self-control and good working relations with staff.
  • Exhibits self-motivation toward fulfilling job assignments.
  • Arrives at work and other scheduled events on time.
Business Office
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