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Business Manager

TriCounty Education Co-Op | Stamford, TX

Posted Date 2/27/2019





TITLE:                              Business Manager


QUALIFICATIONS:         High School graduate or the equivalent, have thirty semester hours of college credit with some business orientation or equivalent business school training. College Degree preferred, and a positive factor in compensation. Necessary competencies are:  book keeping, payroll, personnel records, financial recording, financial software, filing procedures, office records, management and business writing.


REPORTS TO:                  Special Education Director in matters of payroll, personnel records, financial records, and special education policy areas.


JOB GOAL:                      Performs and assumes responsibility for financial tasks under the guidance of Special Education Director.




  1. Preparation and maintenance of budget under direction of Special Education Director within the guidelines of the accounting system mandated by the Texas Education Agency.


  1. Maintenance of personnel records.


  1. Maintenance of financial records, payroll records, correspondence, reports, and supervising the financial office operations.


  1. Makes routine decisions in accordance with established priorities and policies.


  1. Accepts responsibilities for making office reports and supervising the financial office operations.


  1. Maintains accounting procedures on computerized bookkeeping system as per the accounting system used by the Texas Education Agency.


  1. Operates technical business machines.


  1. Prepares and maintains federal program budgets and reports under the direction of the Special Education Director.


  1. Performs other such duties as may be assigned.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  Twelve months of the school year.  Salary and work year to be determined by the Board of Education.

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