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TriCounty Education Co-Op | Stamford, TX

Posted Date 2/28/2019

The LSSP for Tri-County SSA has a varied set of responsibilities.   Here is a list of some of the duties of the LSSP:

  • The LSSP provides direct counseling services to students with disabilities that have been assigned that service by an ARD committee. 
  • The LSSP consults with school staff regarding the ongoing performance and needs of the specific students on the LSSP’s caseload.
  • The LSSP is a resource to school staff with respect to behavior challenges of students with disabilities.
  • The LSSP conducts ED evaluations.
  • The LSSP is a lead on our autism team, and writes the reports for our autism team evaluations.
  • The LSSP is a primary player in conducting functional behavioral assessments.
  • The LSSP is an expert guide to members of the SSA staff and to individual ARD committees when considering evaluation issues.

Tri-County SSA has two licensed practitioners who provide direct counseling services to the students in our member districts.  We split the caseload between those to professionals.

This position is an 11 month assignment/contract.

Salary scale sets the salary for this position.  Current scale ranges from $39,141 to $62,969 depending on years of experience.


Salary62000.00 Annual
Job Category

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