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Business Manager

Hawley ISD | Hawley, TX

Posted Date 2/11/2020

JOB TITLE:  Business Manager     DEPARTMENT:  Business Office

SALARY RANGE:  negotiable


GOAL:  To provide effective and efficient fiscal management for Hawley Independent School District.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Experience in School Finance including Federal Grants and Governmental Accounting, Experience in Budget Development, Experience in TxEIS Business Database


Assist the Superintendent with fiscal services for Hawley ISD business operations.

Develop and implement appropriate operations for the business office to maintain efficient and effective procedures.

Utilize the Financial Accountability System Resource Guide as the financial accounting system of Hawley ISD and that the system complies with the requirements of Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB).

Manage financial software

Prepare accurate financial reports to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), for internal purposes, for board members, and Federal and State entities.                   

Continuously monitor the accounting system and make adjustments as necessary.

Process financial transactions accurately and on a timely basis including cash requests for reimbursement of expenditures and maintaining positive bank balances under the secured allotment.

Assist Hawley ISD staff with all financial aspects as needed; completing grant, budgeting, allocating funds, creating financial reports, and providing any financial assistance as needed.

Assist the external audit process, submit audits to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and appropriate federal/state agencies, and review and respond to the audit findings and management letter.

Maintains and promotes a cooperative and effective working relationship with colleagues in a friendly and respectful manner so that positive relationships are built so that there is trust/support, conflicts may be resolved where multiple incompatible interest are in play, open-minded attitude reacting to communication and by receiving and listening to suggestions.

Displays competent use of spreadsheet and word-processing programs to the successful completion of the aforementioned duties


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Dr. Cassidy McBrayer

Business Office
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