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Early Head Start Teacher

Hamlin ISD | Hamlin, TX

Posted Date 4/01/2021


Provide leadership and technical assistance for school districts serving Early Head Start and Head Start children birth to five. 



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education 
  • Certified Teacher- Texas Teacher certification in Early Childhood or related area.
  • Master’s Degree preferred
  • Minimum of three years teaching experiences in Early Childhood or related area.
  • Knowledge and skills appropriate for serving children birth to five including children with disabilities.



  • Head Start - 448,458,455
  •  Early Head Start - 435,445




  1. Program Planning/Organizational Skills
  • Maintains awareness of Early Head Start/Head Start Performance 

Standards and ESC Policy, and disseminates information regarding 

curriculum and children with disabilities to support staff, Early Head Start/Head Start classroom staff, councils, and LEAs, with approval of Head Start Director.

  • Works cooperatively with school districts to support implementation 

of Early Head Start/Head Start Performance Standards.

  • Responsible for education, disabilities,transition and coaching portions  of the Performance Standards.
  • Ensures that proper and adequate documentation is maintained, 

in accordance with job-related confidentiality. 

  • Cooperates with ESC staff concerning reports, policies, 

guidelines, etc. for Head Start.

  • Assists Head Start Director in writing Refunding Application-

Early Head Start/Head Start Grant, as necessary.

  • Assist with completion of Program Information Report.
  • Assist with completion of Community Assessment.
  • Assist with Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA.)
  • Assists Head Start Director in writing Region 14 Head Start Training Plan
  • Provide training to Language Facilitators, substitutes and volunteers.
  • Develop and coordinate yearly calendar of events
  • Establishes and maintains positive effective working relationships with Head Start staff and child care partners
  • Understands and administers CLASS and environmental checklist
  • Implement Practice Based Coaching with the assigned educators through modeling of effective teaching practices,focused observation,shadowing, and video observation,reflective feedback and other training and technical assistance.
  • Creates a culture of safety throughout the program. Provides training and staff support to prioritize children’s safety.
  • Specific duties can vary in agreement with Director and Consultant.


  1. Fiscal Management
  • Assists Head Start Director by making recommendations for budget 


  • Produces documentation to support expenditures as authorized by 

Head Start Director.

  • Responsible for contracts between Shared Services Arrangements, ECI and Region 14 ESC Head Start.
  • Utilizes cost effective methods of reaching identified objectives.


III. Leadership

  • Demonstrates leadership in the development of decisions and innovations affecting the education of Early Head Start and 

Head Start children.

  • Assists in guiding the daily work of Early Head Start/Head Start staff in implementing the Early Head Start/Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Provides leadership and direction in recruitment, eligibility, and enrollment of Early Head Start and Head Start children.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with community agencies, ECI, and SSAs.
  • Demonstrates a high degree of self-motivation and initiative.
  • Provides training for classroom staff in meeting Early Head Start/Head Start Standards and correcting deficits identified during self-assessment and federal reviews.
  • Assist and monitor delegate activities
  • Prepares and analyzes program,classroom and individual child data to guide program improvement,training opportunities and assisting teachers in providing differentiated learning based on child needs.
  • Provides training and oversight to Parent Language Facilitators
  1. Communication Skills
  • Demonstrates effective/positive communication techniques and utilizes proper communication channels with administrators, teachers, students, parents and ESC staff.
  • Maintains positive contacts with outside service providers as needed.


  1. Consultative and Technical Assistance
  • Demonstrates accessibility through regular campus visits.
  • Responds to Early Head Start/Head Start staff requests for assistance through workshops and other services including follow-up services, training, and selection of programs to meet identified needs based on data analysis.
  • Assists in providing parent trainings to meet Early Head Start/Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Attends A.R.D. Committee meetings/I.F.S.P. meetings for Early Head Start/Head Start children with disabilities, upon request.
  • Facilitates and monitors documentation for the disabilities component of Early Head Start/Head Start.
  • Disseminates information and provides training to personnel on materials/activities/accommodations for children with disabilities and in all curriculum areas as designated by ARD committees and IEP goals
  • Assists Early Head Start/Head Start staff in locating appropriate resources for families of children with disabilities, making referrals as needed and helping teachers with writing SIP if needed.
  • Provide one-on-one mentor/coaching using Practice-Based coaching to individualize professional development for Head Start and Early Head Start teachers.
  • Responsible for attending, coordinating, and training in CIRCLE and data analysis for Early Childhood Data Systems.
  • Providing technology support for teachers with myheadstart program.
  • Provides leadership and ongoing communication about best practices, research, and trends in infant/toddler and preschool education.
  • Provides technical assistance to school staff as needed on room arrangement,curriculum,screening assessment,parent communication and training needs through mentor/coaching.
  • Assesses classroom effective through checklist and observation tools and utilize the results to set action plan goals with teachers during coaching as well as to plan training materials acquisition. 
  • Will support and promote the current curriculums used by the Region 14 Head Start Program
  1. Human Relations
  • Demonstrates professional courtesy during personal interactions with LEAs and ESC staff.
  • Responds promptly to requests/inquiries by LEAs, Early Head Start/Head Start staff, and parents.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to cooperate with other staff members for the achievement of common goals.
  • Displays an attitude of personal and professional concern in group and individual settings.

VII. Specialized Knowledge

  • Seeks training in professional areas and provides up-to-date information regarding the Early Head Start/Head Start Performance Standards.
  • Recommends and prepares effective in-service and instructional resources for staff and clients.
  • Recommends a variety of human and instructional resources appropriate for meeting children’s needs.


  1. Personal and Professional Image
  • Maintains self-control and good working relations with other staff, 

LEAs and parents when facing problems and frustrations.

  • Exhibits enthusiasm, self-motivation and maintains professional appearance toward fulfilling job assignment requirements.
  • Participates and cooperates in community activities which are ESC-related.


  1.     Required Training for Continued Employment
  • Head Start Orientation-Overview of Head Start Performance Standards,  ESC 14 Head Start Policies and Procedures
  • Head Start sponsored trainings
  • Head Start content area trainings.


NOTE:  Employment in this position is contingent upon performance, need, and funding.


NOTE:  This job description is designed to outline the function and position requirements.  It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, or address the performance standards that must be maintained.




This job is totally or partially funded with federal funds.


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