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Early Head Start Teacher

Comanche ISD | Comanche, TX

Posted Date 2/05/2021

Comanche Early Childhood Center is seeking a hard working, dependable individual who has a love for children, to join our team.  If you are interested and willing to follow and implement the job description included, please contact me at extension (325)356-2440 ext. 5102 or email your resume to  We will interview qualified applicants and fill the position as soon as possible. 


STATUS: Full Time Position

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be at least 18 years of age; High School Diploma or GED; Valid Texas Driver’s License; Infant/Toddler Child Development Associate (CDA) or AA in Early Childhood Education, current CPR and First Aid Certification, Knowledge and skills appropriate for working with infants and toddlers including development and safety issues, and for working with parents.

REPORTS TO: ISD Building Principal/Director JOB GOAL: To comply with all federal guidelines (Head Start Performance Standards, Policies and Procedures), all Texas State Child Care Licensing Procedures, and all local Head Start policies in providing children and families with all Early Head Start services for providing quality services to children and families. To help children progress toward the overall school readiness goal of social competence through providing children with a learning environment and varied experiences that help them develop socially, intellectually, physically, and emotionally in a manner appropriate to their individual age and development.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES PLANNING • Plans and posts daily schedule in classroom. • Writes daily lesson plans and keeps them posted. • Includes objectives, concepts, and strategies for meeting Infant/Toddler Creative Curriculum continuum in written lesson plans. • Provides for special needs of individual children in written lesson planning. • Includes Program aides, parents and volunteers in planning. • Follows daily schedule and written plans. • Sets up learning centers. • Prepares needed materials in advance. • Knows and complies with minimum Child-Care Licensing Standards and participates with Teaching Team in performing daily checks to ensure compliance with those standards. • Maintains awareness and compliance with Head Start Performance Standards. • Ensures proper and adequate documentation and completion of required reports. • Maintains job related confidentiality.

CLASSROOM • Maintains an orderly and safe classroom environment. September 25, 2018 2 o Knows which children for which he/she has responsibility o Knows each child’s name and has information showing each child’s age o Supervises children at all times, adjusting appropriately for different ages and abilities of children. o Ensures the children are following procedures to help maintain a safe environment. o Interacts routinely with children in a positive manner o Promotes feelings of security and trust in infants and toddlers by being warm, supportive, and comforting and by establishing strong and caring relationships o Fosters developmentally appropriate independence in children through planned, but flexible program activities. o Fosters a cooperative rather than a competitive atmosphere. o Shows appreciation of children’s efforts and accomplishments o Ensures continuity of care for children by sharing with incoming caregivers information about each child’s activities during the previous shift and any verbal or written instructions given by the parent. o Maintains current training in infant and child development including safety issues such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. o Demonstrates competency, good judgment, and self-control in the presence of children and when performing assigned responsibilities. o Relates to children with courtesy, respect, acceptance, and patience. o Provides toddlers with experiences and opportunities that allow them to develop. o Collaborates with ECI to conduct developmental screenings of infants and toddlers’ motor, language, social,cognitive, perceptual, and emotional skills. o Demonstrates sensitivity, cultural respect, and positive manner in relating with children and assisting Early Head Start parents and staff. o Reports suspected abuse, neglect, and exploitation to PRS or to law enforcement. o Completes all required training as specified in the minimum Child-Care Licensing Standards and maintains record for CDA renewal • Promotes Positive Behavior Practices directed to teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control: o Reinforces positive behavior with verbal and /or nonverbal encouragement o Reminds child of behavior expectations daily by using clear, positive statements at eye level with the child o Redirects children to prevent behavior problems o Uses language with children to prevent behavior problems o Deals with individual problems consistently and on an individual basis, consistent with the child’s level of understanding. • Refrains from raising voice or using voice in a threatening manner o Use brief, supervised separation from the group, when appropriate for the child’s age and development, which is limited to no more than one minute per year of the child’s age o Treats children with respect at all times September 25, 2018 3 o Takes time to help children reflect on their actions and behaviors o Implements ESC Head Start discipline policies

PARENT INVOLVEMENT • Attends monthly parent meetings whenever possible. • Maintains an open, friendly and cooperative relationship with the child’s family, encourages involvement in the program and promotes parent-child bonding and nurturing parent-child relationships. • Assumes responsibility of notifying parents of upcoming meetings, trainings and events. • Recruits, trains and utilizes parent volunteers in the classroom. • Treats parents with respect and refrains from community gossip. • Posts and maintains a bulletin board for dissemination of information to parents. • Actively recruits parent’s ideas and suggestions for classroom activities and curriculum planning. • Works with the Policy Council and Parent Committees as well as serving as a resource to the Parent Committees.

COLLABORATION • Assumes responsibility for helping the Program Aides become more proficient in working with children • Supports Program Aide and parent volunteers with praise and encouragement • Cooperates with ESC staff concerning reports, policies, guidelines, etc., for the Head Start program o Completes Teaching Strategies Gold checkpoints three times a year. o Follows safety and environmental checklists o Maintains current ongoing anecdotal records on children and makes entries in the child’s portfolio regularly o Apprises ESC Head Start staff of classroom needs and individual needs of Head Start children o Collaborates with co-worker and education consultant to develop lesson plans o Submits monthly items as designated by the 10th of the month tracking form to the ESC office by the 10th of the following month o Sees that adequate health/hygiene items such as soap, towels, lotion, gloves, toothbrushes, etc. are available o Maintains equipment in good order and marks all Head Start equipment and supplies as being Head Start. o Completes yearly inventory of equipment. o Posts all emergency plans, child abuse posters, and all other items in the class at all times, as outlined in the Head Start classroom notebook. • Attends all Head Start staff development and in-service meetings as requested. • Cooperates with Head Start disabilities component staff: o Refers Head Start children with suspected disabilities for evaluation. o Attends Positive Practices for Behavior Management Meetings, Health Planning September 25, 2018 4 Meetings, and any other meeting relevant to a child or children. Assists with setting up parent participation in these meetings. o Cooperates with implementation of IFSP and ECI goals for children with disabilities. o Maintains confidentiality of all Early Head Start children and family information, including Child Files. o Comply with all ISD policies and procedures required as an employee of the district.

CODE OF CONDUCT As stated below and in 1304.52(5)(i) in the Head Start Performance Standards: • Respects and promotes the unique identity of each child and family and refrains from stereotyping on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, or disability. • Follows program confidentiality policies concerning information about children, families, and other staff members. • Leaves no child alone or unsupervised while under the care of Head Start staff. • Uses positive methods of child guidance and will not engage in corporal punishment, emotional or physical abuse, or humiliation. • Will not employ methods of discipline that involves isolation, the use of food as punishment or reward, or the denial of basic needs. Required Training for Continued Employment • Head Start Orientation-Overview of general operation, performance standards of Head Start. • Head Start sponsored trainings. • Head Start content area trainings. Acknowledgement: • The above statements are intended to describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required. • Employment in this position is contingent upon performance, need, and funding. • This position is totally funded out of Federal Funds.

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