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Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI)/AT specialist

East End SSA | Gorman, TX

Posted Date 6/11/2019


Texas certification for teachers of students with visual impairments

 Job Responsibilities:

  • Possesses the skills and abilities necessary to provide and coordinate this specialized instruction
  • Assists the student, parents, special and regular education personnel, and the student’s sighted peers in:
    • understanding the unique educational needs and learning characteristics of visually impaired students,
    • becoming aware of services and support available from local programs for visually impaired students, 
    • Acquiring information regarding local and state resources for the education of visually impaired students,
    • Interpreting the visually impaired student’s specific eye condition, the educational implications of the visual impairment, and the results of functional vision assessment
  • Provides instruction in the development and maintenance of skills to meet the student’s unique educational needs in the following areas according to the student’s IEP: 
    • Low vision and visual efficiency skills, 
    • Development of functional and academic skills, 
    • Communication skills (including Braille reading and writing as appropriate), 
    • Social and emotional skills and abilities, Sensory motor skills, 
    • Daily living skills, 
    • Career and vocational skills
  • Prepares meaningful instruction geared to the student’s assessed needs and IEP goals.  This instruction should be reflected in lesson plans according to students IEP and individual needs.
  • Arranges for low vision evaluations as appropriate
  • Attends ARD meeting for VI students
  • Conduct VI assessments as needed
  • Conduct AT assessments as needed
  • Determine appropriate Assistive Technology (no tech, low tech, high tech) needed based on student's individual needs and train student and staff on how to effectively use the devices.

 East End website:

Member Districts:  Cisco ISD, Eastland ISD, Gorman ISD, Moran ISD, Ranger ISD




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