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School Business Consultant

Region 14 Education Service Center | Abilene, TX

Posted Date 6/20/2019


  • Experience in Federal Grants/Governmental Accounting preferred
  • Accounting or Business Degree required
  • TxEIS Software experience preferred
  • Worked in school finance with 5 years experience preferred

 Salary:  Depending on Experience 

 Position is full-time, 228 days,


Program Planning/Organizational Skills

.    Relates component objectives to the Region 14 mission statement and demonstrates cooperation with other components.

.    Maintains documentation of component services.

.    Works collaboratively with other team members in organizing and planning services for school districts.

.    Evaluates the extent to which component objectives have been met and the focus of services in the future.

Fiscal Management

  • Develop and prepare annual budgets in coordination with each client.
  • Continuously monitor and make budget recommendations for board approval as needed.
  • Code and record financial transactions of each client.
  • Maintain sufficient cash on hand and prepare cash reimbursement requests for each program as required.
  • Prepare, reconcile, and submit monthly expenditure reports as required by each program.
  • Prepare and present monthly financial reports for each client’s Board of Directors on a monthly, semi-monthly, or as needed basis.
  • Provide technical assistance to each client as needed.
  • Ensure that all costs incurred are allowable to the program.
  • Continuously monitor accounting procedures and make adjustments as necessary to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Keep clients informed of changes in State and Federal requirements as pertains to finances.


.    Works collaboratively with team members to improve component operations.

.    Promotes and inspires initiative among program staff.

.    Takes the initiative in making judgment decisions in providing services to local school districts.

Communication Skills

.    Demonstrates good communication techniques and utilizes proper communications with client school districts.

.    Effectively transmits ideas and information to groups or individuals.

.    Establishes communication linkages with local LEA.

Consultative and Technical Assistance

.    Provides liaison functions between TEA,TRS and other governing entities, and the school districts within the Region 14 ESC.

.    Participates in training, planning and other meetings conducted by the TEA and Region 20 ESC for the effective implementation of PEIMS and TxEIS Services at the local district level.

.    Demonstrates knowledge of PEIMS data requirements and assists school district personnel in the effective management of the system.

.    Plans and conducts training sessions for school district personnel regarding new reporting requirements, changes, and/or other information about PEIMS and/or TxEIS Services.

.    Assists school districts with PEIMS submissions, including the review of PEIMS files and the approval of PEIMS files so they can be reviewed by TEA for final approval.

.    Provide Financial Accountability System Resource Guide services.

.    Provides technical assistance in TxEIS.

.    Provides assistance to school districts pursuant to TEA diagnostic reports.

Human Relations

.    Exhibits professional courtesy during personal interaction with school district personnel and Region 14 ESC staff.

.    Displays an open-minded attitude by receiving, listening, and reacting to communications.

 Specialized Knowledge

.    Seeks training in professional areas and provides up-to-date information in areas of responsibilities.

.    Recommends, prepares, and presents effective staff development to school personnel.

Personal and Professional Image

.    Maintains self-control and good working relations with ESC staff and client district personnel.

.    Exhibits self-motivation toward fulfilling job assignments.

.    Arrives at work and other scheduled events on time.

.    Presents a professional appearance.

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