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Facilitator for Physical, Health and Wellness Education

Abilene ISD | Abilene, TX

Posted Date 5/08/2019

Primary Purpose:

The Facilitator is responsible for curriculum and support services related to the K through 12 academic programs. Duties include providing support to campuses, and planning and initiating appropriate activities to support the written goals and objectives of the District in compliance with state and federal requirements. The Facilitator for Physical, Health and Wellness Education provides assistance and expertise to teachers in assigned subject areas and designated special programs, and direct instruction for students as assigned.



Required:            Valid Texas Teaching Certificate

Preferred:            Experience teaching and/or coaching; elementary through secondary grades


Special Knowledge/Skills:

Knowledge of elementary and secondary Physical Education, Health and Wellness curriculum and instruction, best practices

Knowledge of state assessments

Ability to interpret data and evaluate instructional programs and teaching effectiveness

Ability to determine effectiveness of programs

Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written formats

Ability to problem-solve, resolve conflict and address needs

Ability to read, understand and implement policy and procedures

Strong communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills



Required:            Five years’ experience as a classroom teacher

Required:            Knowledge of Physical Education, Health and Wellness curriculum

Preferred:            Experience teaching and/or coaching at elementary and secondary levels

Major Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Promotes positive relations with school personnel, parents/families and the community, leading to a better understanding of the assigned instructional programs and establishment of effective community partnerships.


  • Serves as a liaison and coordinator of support services for the implementation of programs that support a healthy, active lifestyle, and development of relationship-building skills to help improve student engagement and safety.


  • Serves as an instructional leader in the coordination of effective Districtwide instructional programs, particularly related to physical education, sexuality education, and health and wellness education.
  • Supervises the writing, editing, and revising of curriculum materials to support the assigned instructional programs in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements.


  • Assists in selecting state-adopted textbooks and other instructional materials for local use in the assigned instructional programs.


  • Conducts meetings of campus staff as appropriate to meet the goals of the assigned instructional programs.


  • Plans and conducts direct student instruction in special programs as assigned.
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations for modifications of existing District programs and implementation of innovative instructional models for the areas assigned.


  • Determines and works for the financial support necessary to provide equipment, instructional materials, services, and staffing related to the District's instructional programs that meet local, state, and national standards.


  • Facilitates the preparation of specifications for facilities and equipment and the selection, requisition, distribution, and utilization of instructional materials and equipment to support the assigned instructional programs.


  • Plans and provides leadership for professional growth of teachers through effective in-service training and dissemination of information related to significant development in the assigned instructional programs.


  • Promotes high expectations, and provides motivation for excellence in staff/student performance.


  • Collaborates with other staff members to foster effective decision making, high morale, and enthusiasm in the organization.


  • Values the organization by maintaining a positive working environment, adhering to the District's mission statement, recognizing various roles and functions within the District, and supporting each campus organization.


  • Undertakes/completes assignments in an appropriate and timely manner to achieve organizational goals.


  • Assists, as directed, in the organization of local events, contests, competitions, conferences, and festivals.


  • Facilitates consistent, equitable student management plans through staff development or on-site technical assistance.


  • Performs duties in a professional, ethical, and responsible manner as defined in Board policy and the TEA Code of Ethics for Educators.


  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned by the appropriate chain of command.



Supervisory Responsibilities:

  1. Support Personnel

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Tools/Equipment Used: Standard office equipment including technology and peripherals, copy machine, etc.

Environment: Frequent districtwide travel; occasional statewide travel

Mental Demands: Work with frequent interruptions; maintain emotional control under stress, assist in

      mediating concerns and facilitating effective solutions


Contract Days: 197


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