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Digital Innovation Consultant

Region 14 Education Service Center | Abilene, TX

Posted Date 1/17/2023

Thank you for your initial interest in the Digital Innovation Consultant position at Region 14 Education Service Center.  This position will be supervised through the Center for Technology Services.


Job posting information

Job Posted - 1/17/2023

Job Posting Closes - 4:00pm on 2/10/2023

Resumes due by 4:00pm on 2/10/2023

Job Begins: Early June is preferred. 

For the next step, please look over this information and provide me with the requested items:

  1. Complete ESC 14 Online Application
  2. Resume
  3. A list of your social media account presence
  4. References
  5. Email Pre-Employment Affidavit - LINK to
  6. Email Criminal History Check - LINK to


Please us this link to submit documents:


Questions may be emailed to


Salary will be based on the Region 14 pay grade criteria provided by the Executive Director of Region 14 Education Service Center after finalists are selected.


Job Description information


Promote innovative educational practices and strategies in the K-12 environment, naturally including the integration of technology.


  • Master's Degree preferred, Bachelor’s Degree required, Current K-12 Educator Certification required
  • Google Level 2 Educator Certification
  • Professional Social Media presence preferred
  • Experience coaching/mentoring adult educators
  • Knowledge and Skills of current education initiatives and trends
  • Knowledge and Skills of latest technology applications and platforms conducive to the K-12 environment
  • 5 years teaching experience and/or experience in Education Technology-related position
  • Graphic Design background is a plus

Program Planning/Organizational Skills

  • Keeps current with technology trends through conferences, trainings, online resources, PLNs, and any available collaboration opportunities.
  • Develops objectives to meet constituent needs.
  • Relates component objectives to ESC goals
  • Demonstrates integration of objectives with other components.
  • Maintains required documentation of component services.
  • Develops project objectives and evaluates outcomes as baseline for future direction.


  • Demonstrates leadership in the innovation and infusion of technology across the K-12 environment.
  • Promotes and inspires innovation in integration practices among all ESC employees.
  • Informs and communicates K-12 innovations to Higher Ed and the Community.

Consultative and Technical Assistance

  • Demonstrates accessibility through regular contact with LEAs.
  • Responds to LEAs’ requests for assistance through workshops, trainings, technical support, online resources, on-site meetings, and other related services.
  • Assists LEAs in selection and implementation of initiatives to meet defined needs as requested.
  • Plans and provides training in innovative educational practices and strategies that foster technology integration.
ESC Center for Technology Services
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