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Educational Diagnostician

TriCounty Education Co-Op | Stamford, TX

Posted Date 5/08/2019

Tri-County SSA serves 10 small school districts north of Abilene.   We need to fill one of our educational diagnostician positions.  We have a fantastic team of diagnosticians that work together extremely well.  Qualifications: Certified Diagnostican, LSSP.  If you are in the process of aquiring either of these (Diagnostican, LSSP) we are willing to visit with you.

The Tri-County SSA office is in Stamford, and the position has office space here.  The persons will serve campuses in our member districts.

This position is a critical part of our student support system.  In addition to assessing students for eligibility, the person in this position is : 1)an advocate for students and their needs, 2) a support and guide for special education teachers and paraprofessionals as they go about supporting students with disabilities, 3) a source of information as campus administrators seek to provide for students with disabilities, and 4) a primary point of contact for parents of students with disabilities as they work with the school district.

Our diagnosticians are a critical cog in our work with our member districts.  We are seeking a self-motivated, hard working person to fill this position.

The salary is based on experience.  Depending on the experience level of the applicant selected, the salary would range from $42,000 to $61,000


Salary61000.00 Annual
Job Category

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