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Health/Safety/Nutrition Consultant

Region 14 Education Service Center | Abilene, TX

Posted Date 12/23/2020

Provide quality and effective health, nutrition, and safety service assistance for school
districts serving Head Start children ages birth to five.

? Registered Nurse with Baccalaureate degree
? Experience in public health, pediatric and/or Head Start experience
? Knowledge of community social service resources
? Knowledge and skills appropriate for serving children with health issues
(ages Birth-5)

? Head Start - 448,458,455
? Early Head Start - 435,445

I. Program Planning/Organizational Skills
   ? Maintains current knowledge of Head Start Performance Standards and ESC
Policy, and disseminates information regarding health, nutrition and safety to
support staff, Head Start classroom staff, councils, and LEAs with approval of
Head Start Director.
   ? Creates a culture of safety throughout the program. Provides training and staff
support to prioritize children’s safety.
   ? Works cooperatively with school districts to support implementation of Head
Start Performance Standards.
   ? Ensures that proper documentation on health records and forms is maintained,
in accordance with job-related confidentiality.
   ? Coordinates a comprehensive health, nutrition and safety services program for
Head Start children and their families.
   ? Coordinates Health/Nutrition Planning Meetings and Health Services Advisory
Meetings, negotiating with local health care providers.
   ? Provides medical and dental program updates, and supports Family Service
Workers in setting medical and dental appointments.
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Date Revised: 1-7-2019 Revision # 6
   ? Assists as needed in coordination of services between community medical and
dental professionals, LEAs, and educational co-ops for children with
   ? Oversees contracts and billing involving medical and dental providers.
   ? Cooperates with ESC staff concerning Head Start reports, policies, guidelines,
   ? Assist in maintaining Health, Nutrition and Safety regulations according the
   ? Assists in gathering and updating Community Assessment data.
   ? Assist with completion of the Program Improvement Plan (PIR).
   ? Assist with Policy Council
   ? Assist with Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA.)
   ? Assist with ESC Safety Committee
   ? Maintains accurate electronic data health and nutrition information through staff
trainings and monitoring.

II. Fiscal Management
   ? Assists Head Start Director by making recommendations for budget
   ? Produces documentation to support expenditures as authorized by Head Start
   ? Utilizes cost effective methods of reaching identified objectives.

III. Leadership
   ? Demonstrates leadership in the development of decisions and innovations
affecting the health, dental, nutrition and safety of Head Start children.
   ? Assists in guiding the daily work of Head Start staff in implementing Health,
Dental, Nutrition, and Safety Performance Standards.
   ? Coordinates and collaborates with community agencies and service providers.

IV. Communication Skills
   ? Demonstrates effective/positive communication techniques and utilizes proper
communication channels with administrators, teachers, students, parents, Team
Leaders, and ESC staff.
   ? Maintains positive contacts with outside service providers as needed.

V. Consultative and Technical Assistance
   ? Demonstrates accessibility through periodic campus visits.
   ? Serves as a resource person to Medicaid, WIC, CHIPS, and other health, dental
and nutrition related services.
   ? Assists with ADA, Health, Dental, Nutrition, and Safety measures for children
and staff.
   ? Reviews health and nutrition records on Head Start children (i.e. immunization
records, screenings, physicals, dental care, age appropriate disability
documents, etc)
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Date Revised: 1-7-2019 Revision # 6
   ? Ensure Child File information is aligned with electronic data.
   ? Conducts parent meetings in the health/nutrition program areas, including
required trainings for family service workers, assistants, staff, and parents.
   ? Assist with annual staff trainings and new staff Orientation
   ? Assist with age appropriate vision/hearing screenings, as needed.
   ? Assist with staff CPR and First Aid Certification

VI. Human Relations
   ? Demonstrates professional courtesy during personal interactions with LEAs
and ESC staff.
   ? Responds promptly to requests/inquiries by LEAs, Head Start staff, and
   ? Demonstrates a willingness to cooperate with other staff members for the
achievement of common goals.
   ? Displays an attitude of personal and professional concern in group and
individual settings.

VII. Specialized Knowledge
   ? Obtains contracts with medical and dental resources.
   ? Seeks training in professional areas and provides up-to-date information
regarding the Head Start Performance Standards.
   ? Reviews all age appropriate (ages 0-5) menus.
   ? Recommends and prepares effective in-service and instructional resources for
staff, and LEAs to meet children/family needs.
   ? Maintain current registered nurse licensure with the state of Texas.

VIII. Personal and Professional Image
    ? Maintains self-control and effective working relations with other staff, LEAs
and parents.
    ? Exhibits enthusiasm, self-motivation and maintains professional appearance
toward fulfilling job assignment requirements.

IX . Required Training for Continued Employment
   ? Head Start Orientation- -Overview of Head Start Performance Standards,
      ESC 14 Head Start Policies and Procedures
   ? Head Start sponsored trainings
   ? Head Start content area training
   ? National Program for Playground & Safety Early Childhood Certification
   ? BLS certification
   ? Nutrition School Lunch Program Certification
   ? Otoacoustic Emissions OAE/SPOT Vision trainings
   ? Hearing/Vision Certification for State of Texas
   ? Required CEU’s to maintain current Board of Nurse License

NOTE: Employment in this position is contingent upon performance, need and funding.

NOTE : This job description is designed to outline the function and position requirements.
It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, or address the performance standards that
must be maintained.

This job is totally or partially funded out of federal funds.

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