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Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC or LPC-S)

Sweetwater ISD | Sweetwater, TX

Posted Date 12/18/2018

Must be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the State of Texas.

    1.  Increase and improve access to culturally competent and developmentally appropriate school and community based mental health services, particularly for students with symptoms of severe emotional disturbance and serious mental illness;

    2.  Increase awareness and identification of mental health issues among all adults working with young people and promote positive mental health for students, families, school staff and community:

    3.  Help students develop skills that will promote resilience, self-regulation and pro-social behaviors; avert development of mental and behavioral health disorders; and prevent youth violence;

    4.  Develop an infrastructure that will sustain services in the district, build local community capacity for promoting mental health awareness and evidence based practices for school-based and school-connected mental health services;

    5.  Willigness to work in partnership with the 32nd Judicial Juvenile Probation to serves students from Fisher, Mitchell, and Nolan Counties who are assigned to the Juvenile Probation Department.

Other Major Duties:

  • Provides individual psychotherapy services
  • Provides direct support and training on mental health issues to district staff
  • Provides brief intervention and crisis intervention as needed
  • Conducts initial patient assessments
  • Conducts psychosocial assessments
  • Develops treatment
  • Provide community presentations when needed
  • Participates in case staffing and administrative meetings
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